Assault crimes generally involve an intentional or reckless act of violence that causes, at a minimum, bodily injury to another person. New Jersey recognizes many different levels of Assault.  Assault charges range from Simple Assault to Aggravated Assault.  Assault charges are normally graded based on the alleged injury suffered by the victim.

Assault, like other violent crimes, carries stiff penalties in New Jersey.  Prosecutors tend to ask for stiff penalties for Assault related offenses.  Assault cases require a very careful analysis of the facts the prosecution alleges and the injuries suffered by the victim.  If you have been arrested, charged or think you will be charged with an Assault related offense you need to speak to Joel Silberman as soon as possible.

Aggravated Assault on a Officer
Client was charged with Aggravated Assault on a Officer. Upon our first appearance the matter was remanded to the Jersey City Municipal Court where the charges were further reduced to a town ordinance.
  • Self Defense
  • Prosecution has insufficient evidence to satisfy burden
  • Innocence
  • Constitutional Defenses
Sentencing Consequences
  • Probation
  • Imprisonment
  • Anger Management Counseling
  • Restitution
  • Fines